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Is your condo in Downtown Toronto? Our company has painted hundreds of condo apartments. [...]

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If your Toronto home needs interior or exterior house painters we are your contractor. [...]

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Are you looking for commercial painters? No problem there. Our painting Contractors have experience painting many Toronto offices, restaurants, clinics, and other facilities. [...]

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toronto paint store 300x224 A great Toronto Paint Store.

Being a Contractor means more than putting paint on a wall. Daily you need to deal with production issues, marketing, sales, estimating, customer relations, pay the bills etc.
And yes, the paint still has to go on the wall. To the customers and to the painters this is all about the paint, the colour, the decorating experience.
Having a paint supplier you can trust makes this process a bit easier. A good paint store is fully stocked with sundries, and carries at least a line or two of paint for every surface to be coated. Experienced and knowledgeable staff will help you quickly and get you out the door with the right colour.
Boyd’s Decorating Centre is one of these paint stores in the Toronto area. For about 40 years they have been servicing retail customers and Toronto Painters. They Viagra 100mg are well respected in the Contacting community for their outstanding customer service and experience. They have been Ecopainting’s main supplier for the last few years. Often they were asked to prepare last minute large orders, match the difficult colours and they come through every time.
For example, most of the colours used on this commercial stripe painting project were created at Boyd’s.
To most customers it’s mainly about the colour. Prep-work, durability of the paint, warranty, speed and service, sure they are all important factors, but if the colour is wrong it all means nothing.
All paint cans leaving Boyd’s are checked and leave the store with the correct colour.

Boyd’s Decorating Centre
is located North East in the Parkway Mall in Scarborough.

toronto paint store sevice 232x300 A great Toronto Paint Store.

You can often find Gabe servicing customers at Boyd's



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graffiti artists Graffiti Art in Orangevillegraffiti artist Graffiti Art in Orangeville

The Town of Orangeville has launched a graffiti art wall at the skatepark in Rotary Park.
The first one approved was a concept by three young local artists
Cam Courtney, Steve Boyd and Ilyan Balicki, along with some help from artist Derrick Gray.
According to the artists, the wall’s first message is freedom. The words freedom, voice, and uplift were created.
“Graffiti art is growing and casinos en ligne it’s here to stay,” said Ilyan. He added that the imagery symbolizes freedom in classic graffiti art form.
The graffiti art wall is located between the skatepark and the Rotary Park pavilion.
Young people, aged 11-17, are encouraged to participate to showcase their artistic graffiti skills.
To sign up to participate in the creation of the Graffiti Art Wall, contact 519-940-9092 ext. 4106, or email

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brushes sponges Face Painting Tips

You see it at events everywhere. Face painting is one of the most popular children’s activities at public events and private celebrations. It’s usually a long wait in line to get a design painted on your child’s face or arm (or any other part of the body that can be shown off at family friendly events).  But, it’s free to participants and worth every dollar that companies and hosts pay to have quality artistic face painting at their event. The best at their craft are talented artists with years of customer service experience who use the safest materials possible.

Cheap ’face paints’ contain acrylic and other harmful materials and are often used by the novice. To DIY, use only proper face paints, such as Kryolan or Snazaroo. Within these brands, water based are the best choices because they stay on the skin for hours and clean up is a breeze using soap and water. The hard part is getting the child’s consent to wash off a great design.

Once you have face paints in hand, a few good brushes and some sponges, check out some online facepainting tips or use a book.  It’s a skill that will bring many smiles while keeping skin healthy.

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