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painting cabinets 224x300 Painting Kitchen Cabinets, or ...change them?

Planning to improve the look of your kitchen without spending a lot of money? Then painting the kitchen cabinets is a great option. Even very old kitchen cabinets can be restored and brought back to life at a fraction of the cost of replacing them.
If selling your home is the reason you need to improve the look of your home, the kitchen is an good place to start. The return on your investment will make this worthwhile.

To complete the project successfully, requires a systematic approach and a lot of patience. For best result, remove all doors and drawers. All the hinges and screws should be removed prior to painting the kitchen cabinets. Knobs or hardware should also be removed and holes patched if they are not going back in the same place.
If there is any grease, especially around the stove, it should be cleaned or the paint will not adhere well. Before painting it is also necessary that you payday loans in california sand the kitchen cabinets with fine sand paper and clean the dust well.
A good adhering primer should be used first. An alkyd based primer works good, but there are many waterbourne alternatives these days that adhere as well as oil primers.
There are different paints that can be used and most of them are alkyd based. Melamine paint is a type of paint used often.
There are also water based paints available that dry very hard and perform well. Cabinet Coat is a product made by Insl-x and can be used even without using a primer. Cabinet Coat can be bought or ordered through Benjamin Moore Dealers.
After paint has dried well, replace all hardware and knobs. Washing them now, before installing them is a good idea.

The cabinets are the face of your kitchen. Restoring them will make your kitchen a better and brighter place to be.

 To get a quote on cabinet painting in Toronto call 416 733-7767

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bedroom door painted in dark colour Painting walls and doors in Ajax.Trim should be white…says who? 

It seems that most people deem it to be standard procedure that trim is painted in white.
Cloud White, Decorator’s White, Oxford White….at least some shade within the many shades of white.
Where would that be written in stone!
Take a look at the doors and trim in this room. This is spectacular! This is from a project our residential Ajax Painters did for a regular customer, in the american online marketing payday loans winter of 2009.
Because of  its superior hiding and leveling properties, Benjamin Moore’s Aura was used, in satin finish.
Two coats were applied over previously painted white .
Now does this not give you ideas on some areas in your home?

Whether painting in Ajax or anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area, the residential painters of Ecopainting inc. would be happy to service your needs. Call them at 416 733-7767 or request a consultation online.

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a great paint job What is a good interior paint job?

A good paint job is not only the paint job itself. The customer experience during painting their home or place of business is important. How polite and considerate the painters were, how experienced they were with their techniques and products, all these are important factors.
This post is about the paint job itself. The PDCA (Painting and Decorating Contractors of America) has industry standards. Painting Contractors should follow these standards. Consumers architects, designers and construction industry types will reference them as needed.
Among other characteristics, these standards refer to a painted surface that has to be “uniform in appearance, color, texture, hiding and sheen. Free of foreign material, lumps, skins, runs, sags, holidays, misses, or insufficient coverage. It is forex charts also a surface free of drips, spatters, spills or overspray.”
If a paint contractor observes the above Industry Standards, that contractor will likely produce a good paint job.

Preparation before painting will help with a great paint job.
Holes, cracks and dents should be filled, sanded and spot-primed.
Cracks between woodwork and drywall should be caulked.
Walls must be sanded before coats of paint.
Surfaces need to be clean and dust free.
Lines between adjoining surfaces or different colours should be straight.
And of course after the paint job is complete, a thorough cleaning is recommended.

Ecopainting is a Contractor that specializes in Interior Painting.
Call at 416 733-7767 and a representative will explain the process involved when painting the interior of your home.

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exterior painting north york Spring Painting in Toronto

Many people look forward to the spring. It means the end of winter and to some, it also means it’s time to clean in and around the house. Around this time, many homeowners realize their home would benefit from a new exterior paint job.
There are many reasons for painting the exterior of a home. It may be unpleasant to look at as it needs maintenance or upkeep. A new paint job  would breathe new life into it. A colour change might be fun, especially if the homeowner is not a news forex fan of the current colour or the colour has faded over the years. As well as the aesthetic reasons, a new painting job could help renew the protection of the existing surface from the elements. For example, garage doors and front doors need protection from the elements, especially if they’re made of wood, and a new paint job could possibly extend their  life. After years of rain, snow, sun, wind, dirt and other elements abusing the exterior of your home, it may be a great time to consider exterior painting.

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