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markham exterior painting the new Markham Painters Painting new Homes

The Town of Markham is the largest town in Canada and its population is growing rapidly.
Major high-tech companies’ headquarters are located here. The list of corporate residents includes companies such as IBM, Motorola, Toshiba, Apple, Lucent among many others.
As a result of the growing housing need, housing development in Markham has been booming. Service industries such as painting decorating, servicing the growing Markham population are benefiting from that explosive growth. The Markham Painters of Ecopainting Inc have painted hundreds of homes in the last few years. Some of these customers were original home buyers. The first ever paint job after the builder’s paint is online casino review very important. The house has finally settled and now all the woodwork cracks and the drywall nail-pops appear like eye sores.  It takes an experienced paint contractors to repair these problems properly.
Over the years, valuable relationships have developed between residents and their painters decorators. Ecopainting’s reputation as Markham Painters, coupled with the word of mouth that follows their great service, have resulted in many repeat customers in the area.
Commercial Markham Painters are also available through COMPASE to service the needs of the growing corporate community.
Call 416 733-7767 to speak to a consultant or request a painting estimate for your home or business in Markham



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Markham is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Canada. In fact it has doubled its population since 1990. Within Markham exist a few very distinct communities, some small like Locust Hill and Almira, some larger communities like Thornhill and Unionville.
Unionville is a historic community of over 210 years and that history is visible on Main Street  Unionville, with its historic buildings, mills, churches and century homes.
When our Markham Painters are asked to paint any historic building or home in Unionville and  Markham, this is not just another paint Online Casino job. It is a priviledge that is not taken lightly.

markham exterior painting the old1 Markham Painters Painting old Homes and Buildings
The Unionville century home pictured here is one of the homes  that our Markham Painters painted.
 In addition to the residential work, our Commercial Markham Painters had a chance to paint some of the commercial buildings in Unionville.  From painting office space to re-decorating furniture and retail stores, servicing and painting in the Markham area is what our painters do, year after year.

For any painting in Markham, call us at 416 733-7767 or request a painting estimate for your home or business.

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pchc street view1 The case of the Invisible Toronto Painters
Painting institutions such as large Health Centres is a challenge more times than not. The everyday activities of health professionals and busy staff cannot be compromised.  As a result, a lot of this work is done after hours or during weekends. The needs of the patients or clients of the facility always take priority and contractors have an obligation to work with staff to ensure that happens.
During  the painting project of the Parkdale Community Health Centre this is definitely the case.

PCHC is a non-profit community-based health centre offering a variety of health services including primary health care services, counselling, health promotion, and outreach. Their priority is with individuals and groups who encounter barriers to accessing high quality health care. All their services are free online blackjack online and nobody needs a health card for access.

When Commercial Toronto Painters were required, the painting company chosen was Ecopainting Inc.
Their proven and extensive experience in Institutional Painting and green painting, made them the perfect painters for the project. By using Benjamin Moore’s new zero VOC paints, the painters were almost invisible during this process and you couldn’t even smell the presence of paint. Their new waterbourne colourant system made it possible to have a focus dark coloured wall in almost every room with almost no smell.
With the mandate of the clinic and the great work that they do, this is one community the painters were proud to be part of. And yes, blending in and being almost invisible in this case was not difficult.

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the baby killers 300x225 The Lead Debate South of the border

Please keep me safe from lead


Lead was widely used  to improve the performance of paint. It was used as a pigment, and also was known to improve the durability and appearance of painted surfaces. It is still used around the world for the same reasons.
The performance benefits of lead pale by comparison to the harmful effects it has on humans.
Growing children under the age of six can experience the most severe of side effects. Lead can hinder growth and development and is harmful to the nervous system and every organ of the body. While it is documented to be harmful to young children, adults can experience effects like Online Blackjack reproductive problems.
Eating paint chips is not the only way it can hurt children. Dust from old paint during repainting and other renovations, if ingested can also be harmful.
Paint manufacturers for years now have improved paint performance without using lead.
While the debate south of the border is mostly based on the regulatory part of the lead issue, talk goes further than compliance and what someone can get away with.
Responsible Painting Contractors need to look at the well being of their customers and their own safety during renovations and painting of older homes.
The Paul, a remodeler in Minnesota, brings up some real points in an article in the Construction Remodel Forum.


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grasshopper energy office 6 224x300 Painting Downtown Toronto Offices

By Karon

We do a lot of Office Painting in Toronto. In quite a few of our Commercial Painting Toronto projects, we paint at night, after the offices are closed. Sometimes we have the opportunity to paint during the day, when the office staff are at work. One of those projects was with Grasshopper Energy Corporation.
They had just moved in to their new office space in January. Most would agree that it looked rather dull. All the walls, doors, door frames and side-lites were the same colour. Benjamin Moore’s Snowfall White was the choice for the main colour, which was quite the job, as it took three coats to cover, so 18 sidelites became 54. Fun it was, I know, I did them.  Sweet Pea was the quick forum readtopic propecia signature search accent colour, which we colour matched from their Logo. In the end, the painting created the illusion of a larger office space and it was so much brighter. What a pleasure it was to Paint the Offices at Grasshopper Energy Corporation.  A lot of times, in the hustle and bustle of today’s business world, you can find noise, chaos, tension, and other discomforts within a busy office environment.  Not at Grasshopper you wouldn’t! The staff here were a team, they were like one big happy family. These guys loved going to work…and it seemed like they never wanted to go home….if we were painting late into the evening, they were still there! What a nice Office Painting Project that was. Change your colours, we want to come back!

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